Awarded 'Best Mediterranean Cafe in Sydney - 2019' by Lux Life Magazine

About Us


The Story of Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti was a French naval officer and a novelist known for his exotic novels derived from his experiences with French Navy across the globe. In 1876, his fellow naval officers persuaded him to turn into a novel passages in his diary dealing with some curious experiences in Istanbul, Turkey. The result was the anonymously published Aziyadé (1879), part romance, part autobiography. Following Aziyadé, Pierre Loti continued to publish many novels and articles, achieved a wider public spotlight. Considered one of the most original French writers of the second half of the 19th century, he was elected to the Académie Française in 1891.

Pierre Loti was deeply affected by the oriental life style, and this was reflected in his novels. He was accepted as an Istanbul City Honorary Citizen in 1920, and a coffeehouse located in the outskirts of Halic (The Golden Horn) which has one of the most iconic views of the city of Istanbul, was named after him. Today the district known as Pierre Loti Hill (Pierre Loti Tepesi) in Istanbul derives from this coffeehouse. For centuries the coffeehouse has been a meeting place for locals, travellers, friends and lovers.

Continuing on the tradition, Pierre Loti Cafe Cremorne is offering a relaxing meeting place with unique food and beverage options which include own special blend coffee and Mediterranean cuisine in this part of the world. In line with its heritage, Pierre Loti represents the culinary influence of the Ottomans, which can be described as a fusion of Turkish, Eastern Mediterranean, Balkan and Central Asian cuisines. 


It's all about Coffee and more than Coffee!

We pride ourselves on providing quality food & beverage. From coffee beans to every single ingredient we use in our dishes, our suppliers are carefully selected to source the freshest produce to help us achieve our unique taste.

In addition to our own blend coffee made out of 100% Arabica beans and a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, we also provide savoury and sweet snacks and a la carte meal options all made and baked in the house. Whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch or a snack or you're grabbing something to take with you to the beach, movies or your own home, we've got you covered!


Just pop in, and Relax

We offer comfortable seating both inside our cafe and undercover outside area with free wifi. Located centrally in Cremorne Junction yet on a quiet street with excellent parking options, there is no better place to sit down, relax, and enjoy your coffee and house specials you won't find anywhere else. In a hurry? No worries! All food & beverage options are available to take away including our a la carte dishes.